I just wanted to say what a satisfying experience this has been for me. You have been fantastic to work with. You spot exactly what needs work and do an excellent job delivering criticism with a deft touch.

—C.J. Grayson, author of the upcoming Muck World

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Pamela Wells has done editing for me for several years. She is both a wonderful line editor and thematic editor, often finding something other editors have missed.

She helped edit my recent novel A Soldier’s Son, and essays for the Wall Street Journal and Timberline Review. I hold her work in high esteem.

—Jack Estes, author of the upcoming Searching for Gurney

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I valued Pam Wells’ precise, insightful, and imaginative response to my work in The Timberline Review. Delicately, respectfully, she suggested we do something unconventional (even daring) with an essay of mine, and it was rewarding to watch what happened, as a result, to the essay and the issue as a whole. This experience helped me to see my own writing anew, which is always a sign that you’ve worked with a very good editor.

—M. Allen Cunningham, author of Perpetua’s Kin (2018)

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I had never used an editor before I got stuck in a piece I was writing and asked Pam for help. I could never have imagined a better partner. She saw what I was trying to do from her initial reading and she helped point out where the clarity and continuity were compromised but she never rewrote. She helped me see my own piece as if I was reading it for the first time. We clicked. I will not hesitate to bring Pam on again.

—Joe McAvoy
Lake Oswego, Oregon

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Pam’s careful eye, savvy, and insight into both the complexity and dignity of characters and language made my story a far better story. I was grateful for her help.

—Jody Lisberger
Kingston, Rhode Island

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Pam is savvy on the big picture and astute about line editing. She’s a great editor and easy to work with. I was entirely pleased to have her as my editor.

—Clellan Coe
Asturias, Spain