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Meet the editor: Pam Wells

My family moved to Portland six weeks before the Willamette River flooded Main Street in Oregon City and half the cows in Tillamook floated out to sea. That was 1996. We’d come from Southern California, where rain was practically a myth.

I quickly learned to love the seasons here, even the dry one. The seasons have witnessed some of my better moments: singing for nine years in the Portland Opera Chorus; producing and editing a documentary film (My Shanghai, 2014); co-creating The Timberline Review, a literary journal, as Editor in Chief and book designer; and, most recently—because age is no excuse—attending the graduate program in book publishing at Portland State University

After two years of classes and working at Ooligan Press, the program’s trade publishing house, I earned my MA in Book Publishing in 2017. The teams I worked on published a young adult novel, The Ocean in My Ears (November 2017), and the Sierra Club’s new edition of 50 Hikes in the Tillamook & Clatsop State Forests (March 2018). My classes ran the gamut—developmental editing, editorial theory, design, typography, marketing, book archaeology, and more. Somehow I also found time to sing in the chorus.

We never know what the next season will bring. Keep working, keep writing, and let me know when you want someone to read your work.

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