Do I really need an editor?

You may be wondering if you need an editor. 

Well, it depends. Do you want anyone to read your work?

Writing is a solitary act. Even if you’re sitting in a sidewalk café or an airport terminal on a Friday morning, you’re all alone, huddled over your laptop. You’re free to write whatever and however you want. It’s just you and your words.

Reading, however, is not a solitary act. Reading The Martian on Mars would not be a solitary act. Reading connects one person to another, no matter who or where they are. It creates a common bond, something people can share even if they’re on different planets.

Let’s assume you’re interested in writing more than the family Christmas letter. You want to be published or produced, in print or online. You need useful advice on the world of your story, characters, factual information, author’s voice, and all the stuff that holds it together.

Partners, friends, and writing group members can give valuable feedback.  Sometimes, though, it’s hard to take caring criticism from people you know, especially if their words aren’t so careful. And sometimes it’s not so valuable.

If you’re lucky, you have one or two trusted readers who can give you what you need. And if I’m lucky, you’ll send your work my way.