Collected essays

As a book publishing student, I had the most fun delving into typography, editorial theory, and what’s known as book archaeology. Here’s a full list of my work:

“Everywhere and Nowhere: A Quest for Textual Permanence in the Digital Age” — What small publishers can learn from archivists today. (Master’s thesis)

“Beyond the Colophon: The Elements of Robert Bringhurst Style”


“The Material Carrington: A Modern Inquiry into a Fairly Old Book of Mysterious Provenance”

“On Aesthetic Grounds: Where Art Meets the Textual Critic”

“The Self-Publishing Avalanche”

“The Author, the Book, and the List: An Inquiry into The Alchemist‘s Life as a Bestseller”

“Navigating Ricochet River: Textual History and the Implications for a Proposed New Edition”

Gone ‘Til November by Lil Wayne: Epistolary Essay and Social Media Strategy”

“The Hashtag Umbrella”