Design projects

This was a student project dear to my heart: designing one of my favorite children’s books, The Secret Garden, inside and out. The text was available as a public domain document on

I designed these three covers. Had to choose which one to print as my final project, but even now I don’t have a clear favorite.

Secret Garden cover 1

Secret Garden cover 2

Secret Garden cover 3


For the interior, I chose a typeface called Chaparral Pro for the text and some titles, with Adobe Caslon Pro for chapter titles.

Check out my opening pages from the final book.

Chaparral is a contemporary font, but one which I felt captured the character of the story. Caslon was a historical nod to The Secret Garden‘s original publication in 1911 as a serial in The American Magazine. As far as I can tell, Caslon was the magazine’s standard typeface.

Caslon Pro and AmMag 1912 text
On the left, a sample of Adobe Caslon. On the right, a text clipping from a 1912 story in The American Magazine. Looks like Caslon to me.