Fee schedule

Developmental Editing: Flat fee per project

After a free initial consultation and read-through of your work, I’ll send you a proposal outlining the scope of the work and total project fee. The proposal may include an additional rate of $40/hr for time spent on work beyond the scope discussed or not yet determined. 

If you accept the proposal, you’ll receive an Editorial Agreement for your signature. The Editorial Agreement will lay out a detailed plan for the work, a project timeline, and responsibilities of both Editor (me) and Author (you).

A partial payment or retainer may be required up front, followed by one or more progress payments or a final payment, depending on the size of the project.

On receipt of the signed Editorial Agreement, I’ll get to work.

Copyediting and Line editing: $35-$45/hour

Rates are based on guidelines of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Documents should be submitted in Microsoft Word in a standard format (double-spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman or similar). (Do you use Apple’s Pages? I can accommodate you.)

Copyediting can be light, medium, or heavy. A light copyedit may involve only minor revisions to mechanics and format—typos, misspellings, or grammar glitches. A medium copyedit may have noticeble errors recurring throughout the piece, areas needing to be reworded for clarity, and perhaps some fact-checking. A heavy copyedit requires more work on these levels.

If your project requires heavy copyediting and brings up questions regarding structure, characters, dialogue, or other fundamental areas needing attention, you might consider a Developmental Editing approach.


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Thank you for considering Wells Editing.